About Me

Start with a dream. Everything starts with a dream. Big dreams are the most fun.

– Douglas Fears

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1964, I’ve been traveling for five decades. While working in the computer industry for 20 years, I took frequent business trips and also hosted international guests to our center in South Carolina. My wife Shelly and I then decided to do something different and moved to Kazakhstan in 2006, where we worked in education and administration for eight years.

After our work contract ended there, we moved to Istanbul, Turkey in 2014. We currently live on the Black Sea coast in the city of Trabzon. During my lifetime I have been fortunate enough to:

My purpose in this train and ship travel-themed website is not only to provide helpful and interesting information, but also to entertain and make you laugh with real stories from the road. I believe that travel is more about the experience than location, so I find that traveling by rail and by sea are special joys.

As a veteran traveler and eyewitness to sea changes in both the travel industry and world history, I bring a unique perspective to this blog in terms of how people go and where they’ve been. Of course, the people and places along the way enrich us and become woven into our mind’s memory book, especially when their stories are shared.

I am glad to have you joining me in this lifelong adventure, because remember, the journey itself is the destination!