What Kind of Traveler are You?

“I’m on vacationnnnn!” – Billy Crystal in City Slickers

It was about midnight when the clouds burst. My friend Joe, sleeping outside on a cowboy adventure holiday, scrambled atop his horse and promptly fell off, banging his jaw on a boulder. Blinking up into the pouring down rain, he hollered “Next year, I’m doing something more relaxing!”

This humorous episode, like something from the classic comedy City Slickers, got me thinking about different types of travelers and holidays. As a new year dawns, I hope this brief guide helps you in dreaming about your next trip!

1. The “Go and See” Vacation

Packaged sightseeing tours fit into this category. Go and see trips usually have a fixed itinerary, professional guides, and an emphasis on seeing things like great cities, historical sites and national parks. These type trips are usually in places well-developed for tourism. Independent travelers also enjoy go and see holidays and can create their own itinerary using guidebooks and internet research. The big difference is the cost, plus extra time required for planning.

Pros (Go and See):

  • A pre-planned itinerary with interesting stops
  • A worry-free experience (pre-booked hotels and transportation)
  • Professional guides, drivers and porters handle the grunt work
  • The planning is already done for you, freeing up busy people to enjoy the experience
  • Ideal for less-experienced travelers

Cons (Go and See):

  • Often fast-paced, busy days with little downtime
  • Early morning wake-up calls
  • Lots of walking
  • Lack of flexibility to visit sights not on the itinerary

2. The “Go and Do” Vacation

This type of trip focuses on a specific recreational hobby, such as snowboarding, scuba diving, trekking, cycling, birding, golfing or even a cowboy adventure experience. Days are spent actively doing something. Downtime is usually in the evenings where you rest up for the next day. Often require special equipment, skills and locations, so they are not for everyone.

Pros (Go and Do):

  • Dedicated time to pursue your passion
  • Often in beautiful settings (tropical beaches, snow-capped mountains, nature reserves)
  • The chance to meet others who share your interest

Cons (Go and Do):

  • Can be expensive, even if you have your own gear
  • Can be tiring
  • Limited to certain abilities, interests and fitness levels

3. The “Go and Sit” Vacation

There is probably a little “go and sit” in all of us. Think of the classic beach vacation, with relaxing days spent napping under the sun, enjoying a dip in the pool and eating good food. Here the emphasis is not on seeing nor doing, but just resting and relaxing. In today’s fast-paced wired world, all of us likely need more of this kind of holiday.

Pros (Go and Sit):

  • Requires minimal planning
  • Lots of downtime!
  • Flexible itinerary
  • Can be taken anywhere, not just the beach
  • Each person can do whatever he/she wants
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Not as expensive as packaged tours or special hobbies

Cons (Go and Sit):

  • Those easily bored may lose interest
  • Too many people sharing a house can be difficult for those wanting quiet time

My Suggestion for 2019 – Sea Cruises

Have you ever taken a cruise? Modern ships truly offer something for everyone. With onboard activities like rock climbing, sports courts, cooking/dance classes and even ice-skating, the active “go and doers” can get their fill without leaving the ship. The “go and seers” can enjoy ever-changing scenery, as well as a wide variety of shore excursions. Sailings to Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean, Australia and even more exotic destinations mean you are never bored.

Most importantly, for those needing a “go and sit” experience, there is nothing more relaxing than traveling by sea. I personally love the fact I only unpack once, yet get to see and experience many places from my moving hotel!

For more on why I love sea travel, click this link.

What other kinds of travelers and vacations are there? Which one are you?

Wishing you safe, happy and wonderful travels in 2019!


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